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McKean Pallet Co

Manufacturer in Marshall County, Illinois

Address: 1046 IL-26, Lacon, IL 61540



Monday          5:00AM–2:00PM

Tuesday          5:00AM–2:00PM

Wednesday    5:00AM–2:00PM

Thursday        5:00AM–2:00PM

Friday              5:00AM–9:00PM

Saturday          Closed

Sunday            Closed

Office Hours:

Monday          7:00AM–3:00PM    Appointment Only

Tuesday          Appointment Only

Wednesday    Appointment Only

Thursday        Appointment Only

Friday              Appointment Only

Saturday          Closed

Sunday            Closed

Phone: (309) 246-7543

Write to us or give us a call now, we’re always happy to provide a free consultation and help out with any questions you may ask.

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